About Us

The General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) is one of four international general program boards of The United Methodist Church. The General Board has headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and at the Church Center for the United Nations in New York City. The General Secretary of the Board since Nov.1, 2000 is Mr. James E. Winkler.

The General Board is defined by its five areas of ministry: (1) Public Witness and Advocacy (2) Administration (3) Ministry of Resourcing Congregational Life, (4)United Nations Ministry, (5) Communications.

...The message of salvation brought by Jesus Christ binds us together as a people and sends us forth to bring healing in the midst of strife, justice in the midst of brokenness, and love in the midst of hate. As United Methodists, we are called to invite people to enter into a community of faith responsive to a vision of justice ministries that is biblically and theologically grounded, and to invite United Methodist congregations to play a prophetic role in bringing God’s vision to reality. Our mission is to advocate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the church and society.

2013-2016 Board of Directors Executive Committee

  • President – Bishop Robert Hoshibata
  • Vice President – Dr. Clarenda Phillips
  • Secretary – Chelsea Calderon
  • Personnel Chair – Dot Ivey
  • Finance Chair – Lonnie Chafin
  • Trustee Chair – Jim Ehrman
  • Alcohol & Other Addictions Work Area – Randall Miller
  • Biblical/Theological Chair – Rev. Meghan Roth
  • Economic & Environmental Work Area – Rev. Molly Vetter
  • Human Welfare Work Area – Kurt Karandy
  • Peace with Justice/United Nations Work Area – Chris Pierson
  • At-large Members – Bishop Christian Alsted and Jefferson Knight