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Board of Directors Executive Committee

  • President - Bishop Robert Hoshibata
  • Vice President - Dr. Clarenda Phillips
  • Secretary - Chelsea Calderon
  • Personnel Chair - Dot Ivey
  • Finance Chair - Lonnie Chafin
  • Trustee Chair - Jim Ehrman
  • Alcohol & Other Addictions Work Area - Randall Miller
  • Biblical & Theological Chair - Rev. Meghan Roth
  • Economic & Environmental Work Area - Rev. Molly Vetter
  • Human Welfare Work Area - Kurt Karandy
  • Peace with Justice & United Nations Work Area - Chris Pierson
  • At-large Member - Bishops Christian Alsted
  • At-large Member - Jefferson Knight

Northeastern Jurisdiction

  • The Rev. Sung Hoon Ahn (Greater New Jersey)
  • The Rev. William S. Campbell (New England)
  • Kurt F. Karandy II (Upper New York)
  • The Rev. Dr. Kathleen E. Kind (Susquehanna)
  • The Rev. Luisa C. Martinez (New York)
  • Michael A. Parker II (Baltimore-Washington)
  • The Rev. Elizabeth A. Quick (Upper New York)

Southeastern Jurisdiction

  • Dr. Solomon Christian (Memphis)
  • The Rev. John A. Denmark (Florida)
  • Emily Farnell (North Carolina)
  • Haniel Robles Garibay (Virginia)
  • The Rev. Elisabeth Anne Garvin (Mississippi)
  • The Rev. Don Hanshew (Holston)
  • Tyler A. R. Henry (Mississippi)
  • The Rev. Dr. James Howell (Western North Carolina)
  • Dorothy Ivey (Virginia)
  • The Rev. Susan P. Leonard-Ray (South Carolina)
  • Patricia Adele Luna (Alabama-West Florida)
  • The Rev. Kenneth L. Nelson (South Carolina)
  • The Rev. Mark D. Parris (North Alabama)
  • J. Liz Patterson (South Carolina)
  • Dr. Clarenda Phillips (Kentucky)
  • The Rev. Meghan Roth (Virginia)
  • William Henry Stikes (North Georgia)
  • L. Daphine Strickland (Western North Carolina)
  • The Rev. Lisa Yebuah (North Carolina)

South Central Jurisdiction

  • The Rev. Dr. L. James Bankston (Texas)
  • Chelsea C. Calderon (Northwest Texas-New Mexico)
  • Philip Jayphen Clark (Arkansas)
  • The Rev. Kurt J. Cooper (Kansas East)
  • Richard Hearne (North Texas)
  • Cynthia A. Johnson (Rio Grande)
  • The Rev. Richard A. Jones (North Texas)
  • The Rev. Cynthia B. Karges (Nebraska)
  • Sharon S. Stewart (Southwest Texas)
  • Briana Nicole Tobey (Oklahoma)
  • Andrew J. P. Williams (Missouri)

North Central Jurisdiction

  • Melissa Calvillo (Illinois Great Rivers)
  • Lonnie A. Chafin (Northern Illinois)
  • The Rev. Dr. Dan R. Dick (Wisconsin)
  • David N. Edgar (West Ohio)
  • James W. Ehrman (East Ohio)
  • The Rev. Chris Pierson (Northern Illinois)
  • The Rev. Lisa Dianne Schubert (Indiana)
  • The Rev. Deanna Stickley-Miner (West Ohio)
  • The Rev. Saul C. Trinidad (Detroit)

Western Jurisdiction

  • Dr. Randall Miller (California-Nevada)
  • James Charles Nibbelink (Desert Southwest)
  • The Rev. Molly E. Vetter (California-Pacific)
  • The Rev. Manuel João André (West Angola)
  • The Rev. Ranny Jacinto (Philippines)
  • Jefferson Knight (Liberia)
  • The Rev. Dr. Joseph Mazawu Muhota (Southern Congo)
  • The Rev. Jörg Niederer (Switzerland) (Central & Southern Europe)
  • Daniel Obergfell (Germany South)
    • Bishop Christian Alsted (Nordic & Baltic)
    • Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe (Northwest Texas and New Mexico)
    • Bishop Young Jin Cho (Virginia)
    • Bishop John L. Hopkins (East Ohio)
    • Bishop Robert Hoshibata (Desert Southwest)
    • Bishop Peggy A. Johnson (Eastern Pennsylvania and Peninsula-Delaware)

    Board Meeting Minutes

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    2009-2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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    Fall 2010 Meeting (PDF)

    Spring 2011 Meeting (PDF)

    Fall 2011 Meeting (PDF)

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