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Solitary Confinement Disregards Sacred Worth - Hearing on Capitol Hill

GBCS's Director of Civil and Human Rights, Bill Mefford, will testify today before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights in a hearing on Reassessing Solitary Confinement. The following is a transcript of Bill's testimony: Mr. Chairman, Members of the Subcommittee, thank you for... read more»

Posted by Nathan Hollifield on June 19, 2012

Take Action! Reform the U.S. Criminal Justice, Support NCJCA

On June 13 Urge Senator Cornyn to Cosponsor the National Criminal Justice Commission Act (S. 306)! The National Criminal Justice Commission Act (NCJCA) is a bill that we have long supported. It will establish a blue-ribbon commission that will study every aspect of the U.S. criminal justice system and make recommended... read more»

Posted by Bill Mefford on June 05, 2012

Michelle Alexander: It’s time to raise the level of consciousness

So many people, of all colors, are simply in the dark about the system of mass incarceration. Michelle Alexander, legal scholar and author of The New Jim Crow speaking to people of faith during the May 14 discussion via conference call, Listen to the 1st part of the conversation.

Posted by Laura Markle Downton on May 31, 2012

Michelle Alexander: From Retribution to Restorative Justice

We have to shift from a purely punitive approach to dealing with violence and violent crimes to a more rehabilitative and restorative approach to justice. And that means working to end three strikes laws; end harsh minimum mandatory sentences that do not give people even the hope of rehabilitation or... read more»

Posted by Laura Markle Downton on May 29, 2012

A Discussion on The New Jim Crow

The private-prison industry is fast growing with the two largest companies, Corrections Corp. of America and GEO Group, posting profits of $2.9 billion by the end of 2010. Private prison corporations actively lobby for laws that incentivize filling prisons and detention facilities to increase their own profits at the expense of our... read more»

Posted by Michelle Whittaker on May 02, 2012