Gosnell’s actions are reprehensible

The verdict has been released and Doctor Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of the grisly murder of newborn babies who will only ever be known as Baby A, Baby C, Baby D and Baby E. He was also found guilty of the drug overdose of a Bhutanese immigrant, Karnamaya Mongar. We mourn this tragic loss of life, as well as the pain and loss Dr. Gosnell has caused countless other women and families.

Although justice has been served – a murderer has been convicted and tougher regulations and inspections enforced in Pennsylvania – this case has become the latest battlefield in the abortion debate, but it is unclear why.

Both those who oppose abortion and those who support it find the illegal and immoral actions of Dr. Gosnell reprehensible. The biblical teachings of the 10 Commandments is quite clear: "Do not murder." (Deuteronomy 5:17)  What he did was not just against the United Methodist Social Principles; it was against the basic laws of this country and edicts of humanity.

Christians should not use this case as an opportunity to point fingers or cast stones at one another. Rather, all members of The United Methodist Church must take seriously our shared responsibility for the sanctity of all human life – at all stages of life. Each of us must give an account to God for what we do (or do not do) for our fellow brothers and sisters.

The Spirit of God is calling us to put down our stones and get busy doing the hard work of transforming the world for Jesus Christ.