Gun Violence Must End!

When the gun shooting at Columbine High School happened in 1999, I was a pastor of a small United Methodist church in West Texas. Like many rural congregations, my church was filled with teachers and we spent the Sunday following the gun shooting and grieving for such unnecessary violence. My church was also filled with gun owners — folks who regularly went hunting — and one of the things I remember from the conversations we had was that something needed to change to stop this kind of violence. None of us could fathom maintaining the status quo and allowing things to get worse. Fourteen years later, virtually nothing has changed and we are seeing increased amounts of violence. Change can start February 4 and we need YOU to make it happen.

Call Your Elected Leaders on February 4 - It's time to end gun violence!

Call your Representative and Senators to urge them to end gun violence by implementing legislative measures to protect all citizens! Urge members of Congress to support:

  • Universal background checks on all guns sold in any place or venue, and
  • A rigorous ban on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips.
Call your U.S Senator (  
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Call-In Day Sample Script

Hi, my name is [Your Name] and as a United Methodist, I am calling to urge [Representative/Senator] to prevent any further gun violence by supporting:

  • Universal background checks on every gun sale,
  • Ban on high capacity gun magazines, and
  • Ban on military-style assault weapons.

Thank you for your service.

Encourage Others to Make the Call

Make the call and urge your family, friends, coworkers and church members to do the same. Just call 1-888-427-0530 or use our online tool (above) to make the call to your Representative and Senators. Join with people of faith from across the United States to prevent gun violence from happening again. Things do not have to stay the same. They can change and the change starts on February 4.