John 10:10 Challenge Relaunches

The General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) is re-launching the “John 10:10 Challenge.” The updated campaign will continue building a faithful movement for health-care justice by engaging United Methodists to promote, preserve and implement affordable health care for all people across all levels of government.

GBCS first launched the “John 10:10 Challenge” more than two years ago to bring together United Methodists committed to ensuring health-care access for all. Teams from across the country worked tirelessly throughout the U.S. health-care debate to raise the faith community’s voice in favor of comprehensive reform.

Their voices were heard. In March 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law. The historic challenge to ensure health care as a basic human right is far from over, however, as the new law, “The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act” (ACA), enters the regulatory and implementation phase.
National Organizer for Health Care

GBCS recently announced the appointment of the Rev. Cynthia Johnson-Oliver as National Organizer for Health Care. She will lead the re-launched John 10:10 Challenge. Johnson-Oliver has engaged communities of faith on matters of justice related to health care and disability rights and affordable housing. An ordained elder in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, she is currently serving “on loan” as associate pastor of Adult Discipleship at Annandale (Va.) United Methodist Church.

“We invite all United Methodists committed to health-care justice to participate in the John 10:10 Challenge,” said Johnson-Oliver. “This year presents a unique opportunity and we hope re-launching the ‘John 10:10 Challenge’ will engage and empower folks to mobilize their mission teams, United Methodist Women’s circles, Congregational Health Ministries, Sunday School, and other interested groups and people to commit to being a part of ensuring affordable health care for all.”

The new John 10:10 Challenge will offer education, training and action steps to help local teams promote and implement affordable health care in their communities. The re-launched campaign will center on actions growing out of monthly spiritual reflections.
Monthly calls to action

In March, health-care advocates are asked to pray for the uninsured, the leaders who make decisions, and urge people of faith to take a stand for health-care justice.

Actions this month include next week’s “Prayerful Witness on Health Care at the Supreme Court” Monday, March 26, at 11:30 a.m. There will also be a worship service at The United Methodist Building’s Simpson Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, March 28, at noon.

Actions for the rest of the year will mirror monthly reflections on the importance of health-care justice:

  • April: Study the biblical, theological and spiritual dimensions of health, healing, wholeness and health-care justice.
  • May: Work to erase the stigma of mental illness so that all may be encouraged to seek the health-care and spiritual support they need.
  • June: Build and strengthen local health-care justice ministries to advocate for the uninsured and underserved in communities throughout the country.
  • July: Be informed about existing health-care laws and the need to promote, preserve and implement health care justice for all.
  • August: Connect with a national network of health-care justice teams to share best practices and receive training to promote health care justice in local communities throughout the country.
  • September: Connect with community and public health practitioners to promote preventative medicine and public health in local communities.
  • October: Enlist congregations in promoting health and health-care justice for all children.
  • November: Affirm the importance of preventive health care, health education and health-care justice for all.
  • December: Develop advocacy plan to continue to promote health care justice in local communities.

Join the ‘Challenge’

Visit the updated website to create or update your profile and start a team. In joining the John 10:10 Challenge, you add your voice to the call for a justice-filled system of health care that is inclusive, available, accessible and accountable.
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For more information about the John 10:10 Challenge, contact the Rev. Cynthia Johnson-Oliver .