Meet Glory Mulimba

The Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) internship program is concluding at the end of this week. We are going to highlight interns throughout the week to help give you a glimpse into the summer program.

Glory Mulimba

Glory Mulimba

Meet Glory Mulimba of the South Congo Annual Conference and student at Africa University in Zimbabwe.

Glory was placed at Men Can Stop Rape, a national organization working to address violence through developing healthy masculinity in men. He worked with another EYA intern, Jamil Hendricks on the Healthy Masculinity Action Project, an event to be held in late July. In addition, Glory has been researching U.S. universities that sponsor programs to combat violence against women.

The work at Men Can Stop Rape has opened Glory's eyes to the "capabilities and abilities of men" to combat violence. He noted that, "Helping men practice healthy masculinity will really help to have a culture free of violence."

The EYA interns spend time each Friday during their summer internship in a seminar with Doris Warrell, EYA coordinator. The Friday seminars help expand their knowledge of the United Methodist Church, the world, and their fellow interns. "I've been in a position to share my love [with fellow EYA interns]," said Glory, "and I'm also learning from them since I'm coming from a different part of the world."

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Glory at Men Can Stop Rape

Glory working with Supervisor Pat McGann (right) and EYA intern Jamil Hendricks (left).