Meet Jeff Preptit

The Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) internship program is concluding at the end of this week. We are going to highlight interns throughout the week to help give you a glimpse into the summer program.

Jeff Preptit

Jeff Preptit

Meet Jeff Preptit from the Holston Annual Conference. 

Jeff is a student at Milligan College and was placed at the Syrian Emergency Task Force this summer as part of his EYA internship. His responsibilities include managing social media, attending congressional hearings, drafting editorials, and preparing for upcoming task force events. Jeff knows this work can make a difference in the Syrian crisis and is contributing to "a meaningful process to help bring about a real lasting change in the world."

The EYA interns visited local United Methodists Churches in the Washington, D.C. metro area. They worshipped at churches of different cultural identities including a Korean and Indian along with welcoming and diverse churches like Dumbarton and Emory Fellowship. 

While Jeff comes from a more traditional worship style, he found the various worship communities to affirm his understanding of the diversity in the United Methodist Church. Jeff observed, "One of the things that I find the most different but yet the most beautiful is the different ways that we all pray."

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Jeff reviewing a map of Syria with supervisor.