Meet Jonathan Jue-Wong

The Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) internship program is concluding at the end of this week. We are going to highlight interns throughout the week to help give you a glimpse into the summer program.

Jonathan Jue-Wong

Jonathan Jue-Wong

Meet Jonathan Jue-Wong of Detroit Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and 2nd year student at Oberlin College.

Jonathan was placed at Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) working with EYA coordinator, Doris Warrell.

Through the EYA program Jonathan is exploring what he wants to do as a career. "I want my faith to inform my career plans. I feel a Christian calling to go towards a career that will have a positive impact on society."

Jonathan has helped develop resources for advent, attend congressional hearings and legislative meetings, and meet ecumenical partners engaged in peace. Outside of work, Jonathan has been able to use his gifts of music during Wednesday Chapel services at The United Methodist Building.

His faith informs all that he does. "Having a really strong Christian grounding gives me a foundation to make decisions."

Ethnic Young Adult Internship Program

The Ethnic Young Adult (EYA) Internship program is a yearly program sponsored by the General Board of Church and Society. All interns work and live together Washington, DC. Interns are placed in work settings where they will be a critical part of the placement's mission and operations.

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