Safe Communities, Safe Schools, Ban Assault Weapons

National Faith Call-in Day to End Gun Violence on April 9

On April 9 people of faith will come together and ask for something rare in Washington, DC: leadership.

We want our Senators to lead us into a new day where our children and our communities are safe from senseless gun violence. But they will not lead unless they hear from you. YOU, YOUR congregation, YOUR networks are all key to ensuring that sensible legislation targeting gun violence is enacted. So, on Tuesday, you can call 1-888-427-0484 twice, one for each of your senators, and ask them to support two pieces of legislation.

Call Your Senators on April 9 - It's time to end gun violence!

Call your Senators and urge them to keep our communities safe, pass:

  • S. 150 (Assault Weapons Ban) and
  • S. 649 (Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act)
Call your U.S Senator (  

Call-In Day Sample Script

"Hi, my name is [Name] and as a United Methodist and someone who believes in ending gun violence, I urge Senator                              to support S. 150 (Assault Weapons Ban) and S. 649 (Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act). We need safe communities, safe schools and a ban on assault weapons.

Encourage Others to Make the Call

Remember to call twice for each of your Senators and then contact members of your congregation and networks. We need all people of faith to raise their voices to call their Senators to enact gun violence prevention legislation. In addition to calling, you can also send them a letter — but don't forget to call!

Make the call and urge your family, friends, coworkers and church members to do the same. Just call 1-888-427-0484 or use our online tool (above) to make the call to both your Senators. Join with people of faith from across the United States to prevent gun violence from happening again. If our elected leaders will ever lead, it will be because we held them accountable and raised our voices together. April 9 is that day for us to tell them to lead