United Nations Sunday

In October 1943, pastors received materials in support of the United Nations. That early mailing, months before the Charter Conference in San Francisco, and one year before the ratification of the Charter, showed the continuing support of the churches for the yet-to-be-organized United Nations.

Since then, United Nations Sunday has been commemorated annually by the United Methodist Church on the Sunday closest to Oct. 24, the founding day of the United Nations. This year's United Nations Sunday marks the 67th year in which we have resourced our denomination on the United Nations Sunday.

United Nations Sunday is a collaboration between the United Nations offices of the General Board of Church & Society and the General Board of Global Ministries through its Women's Division. United Methodists worldwide focus on this day their support for worthwhile endeavors of this international organization. Foremost of these endeavors would be the eradication of hunger and poverty, securing of peace and resolution of conflicts, promotion of human rights, and the attainment of sustainable development. The GBCS UN Office prepares a liturgical and devotional resources on specific themes chosen annually. This year, we repeat the theme dealing with the Millennium Development Goals as our contribution to the General Church's Four Focus Areas on global hunger, poverty and health and the development of leaders and new congregations to provide leadership on these issues.