Faith in Action

Losing Our Struggle with Violence

Sermon against the death penalty

The death penalty is a political choice we have made to act on our anger, frustration and desire to strike back at violent people. Some 80 percent of us in the United States favor its use. The death penalty is evidence of the belief that violence is the only real weapon we have against violence, that criminal violence must be stopped with legal violence. read more»

by Rev. Jimmie Creech on December 14, 2000

Buy Nothing Day

The Buy Nothing Day movement is to provide a period of respite and a pause for reflection from the rigors of the consumption economy, which is the main thing that dominates the media and perhaps a few too many of our daily life choices and aspirations. read more»

by Paz Artaza-Regan on June 30, 2000

Fight for Universal Healthcare Not Dead

Universal Health Care 2000 read more»

by Jane Hull-Harvey on October 30, 1993

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding read more»

by Lisa Jo Bezner on October 30, 1993

Reclaim Our Democracy

Support Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign finance reform is not simply a political or public relations dilemma but a moral matter. read more»

October 30, 1993

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