‘Christian Responses to Climate Change’

The Rev. Sharon Delgado, a clergywoman in the California-Nevada Conference, is available to make a presentation on "Christian Responses to Climate Change." Delgado has been speaking and writing about climate change for more than two decades.

Goals are to link personal spirituality with social and environmental concern. CALLOUT.

Delgado’s personalized Powerpoint presentation includes the following:

  • Basic facts about the earth's changing climate;
  • Areas of controversy and consensus about climate change;
  • Effective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize climate; and
  • Ways Christians can faithfully respond to the challenge of climate change.

A trained presenter with the Climate Reality Project, Delgado developed worship materials in the 1990s on climate change for the General Board of Church & Society and for the National Council of Churches.

Delgado’s goals are to link personal spirituality with social and environmental concern, to offer hope, and to inspire people to take action for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Although retired, Delgado is Executive Director and founder of Earth Justice Ministries. She is author of Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization (Fortress Press, 2007).

Delgado’s presentations have addressed issues related to climate change, economic and environmental justice, peacemaking and corporate globalization.

For more information, contact Delgado at Presentations.

For more about the Climate Reality Project, go to http://climaterealityproject.org.

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