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As the summer days quickly melt like ice cream cones, I find myself eyeballing the calendar more often than usual, feeling less than comfortable with the idea of autumn and all of its accompanying busyness looming. In this time of anticipation and preparation for the fall, living in the moment becomes challenging.

Healthy Families, Healthy Planet

I remember as a youth singing a song inspired by Psalm 118:25: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Or, in the wise words of Maya Angelou, “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”

May it be so.

Even though Congress is in recess, that doesn’t mean our elected representatives don’t need to hear from us! This month, the Healthy Families, Healthy Planet project is coordinating an August recess action to urge members of Congress to support investments in international family-planning programs.

We need you to join us.

Devastating impacts

In July, the House Appropriations Committee voted to approve a bill that cuts foreign assistance for maternal health and family-planning programs by up to 23%. These cuts would have devastating impacts on the health of women, children and families facing the most debilitating poverty.

This is a moral tragedy, and as United Methodists we are called to respond with Christ’s compassion and love..

For millions of women in developing countries, unplanned pregnancy is often the most dangerous experience they’ll ever face. More than 287,000 women die each year from complications due to pregnancy or childbirth, and more than a third of these deaths could be prevented with access to family-planning and maternal-health services.

This is a moral tragedy, and as United Methodists we are called to respond with Christ’s compassion and love. Contact your representative today and urge him or her to support our critical investments in family planning and maternal health.

Tell Congress

Tell your member of Congress:

  1. Family planning saves lives. We could reduce the number of maternal deaths by one-third if we fully invested in international family-planning programs.
  2. Family planning is an issue people of faith care about. The United Methodist Church has a historic, strong stance in support of women's health and family planning.
  3. Family planning is cost-effective. Family-planning and maternal-health programs constitute less than 2% of our foreign assistance budget, yet they save millions of lives each year.
  4. By investing in international family-planning programs, we can drastically reduce the number of maternal deaths, empower women, and help create thriving communities.

A simple click

To participate you simply need to click on "Take Action! Tell Congress to Invest in Mothers & Families."

A letter will be generated for you to send. We encourage you to make the letter personal by adding your own language about the work you’re doing in your community to build support for global maternal-health programs.

It’s so important that members of Congress hear from faith leaders like you about these issues. We encourage you to share this action with your church and local community so we can build more support for these life-saving programs.

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