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The Invisible War — A Companion Guide

Recent cases of military sexual assault have drawn attention to this shameful situation. The Pentagon recently reported that the estimated number of military personnel victimized by sexual assault and related offenses has increased by 35% over the last two years alone. The faith community must do our part to protect the... read more»

Sex and the Church Series

A series of articles that address critical aspects of human sexuality. Provides theological, educational, scientific and sociological sustenance along with specific questions for dialogue and discernment. Related Articles Series to address sexuality, theology 3 voices... read more»

The Power of A Story

The Power of A Story - End Human Trafficking is a Bible study and action resource on human trafficking - modern day slavery. The NFL Super Bowl is the largest sex-trafficking event in the United States each year. The... read more»

Interconnections Exercise

This exercise will help to increase awareness of social, economic and environmental issues and the ways in which the issues intersect. The exercise also encourages critical thinking and can be used with groups of any size. Interconnections... read more»

40 Days of Prayer for Persons With and Affected by HIV and AIDS

A 40-day devotional for reflection and action leading up to World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) This resource is designed to be used for prayer and... read more»

Social Principles Bulletin Inserts

The General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) has developed bulletin inserts featuring individual United Methodist Social Principles. The resource, designed to be included in church worship bulletins, can be downloaded for free from the agency’s website. The bulletin inserts are in two colors that will reproduce excellently... read more»

Faith and Facts Cards

Two-sided study card with Biblical references, United Methodist Social Principles and resolutions, facts regarding the issue, and steps you and your church can take to make a difference. Vist our store to order cards.

Cover the Uninsured Week

A program one week each year, sponsored by the Robert Word Johnson Foundation and various partners including the United Methodist Church to emphasize the need for health coverage for those without health insurance. Visit Cover the Uninsured Week

Building A Better Health Care System

After considerable study and review, the National Coalition on Health Care has published its specifications for building a better health care system that addresses the issues of access, cost and quality on behalf... read more»

Spiritual Discernment: A Guide for Genetic and Reproductive Technologies

A resource offered to the church as a gift for persons who want to study these issues more deeply and also for persons who are personally considering making a decision to undergo these procedures. The guide does not provide answers but provides spiritual reflections for discernment, case studies, factual information... read more»

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