Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation Workbook

The Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation Program aims to make shalom — a word of greeting or farewell meaning peace — visible and active in people’s lives and communities. The General Conference assigned The General Board of Church & Society to put into service the program and called the denomination to “strengthen its capacity to act as a public advocate” in communities and nations throughout the world.\

You can engage and be empowered by taking action on and learning about peace with justice issues through education, grass roots campaigns and legislative advocacy. Network action is targeted at ending war and crises in places such as Darfur and Haiti, stopping new nuclear weapons, and supporting legislation and campaigns to overcome global poverty, health-care reform and hunger. 

Becoming a Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation is to witness to God’s demand for a faithful, just, disarmed and secure world through:

  • Approaching issues of peace with justice from the perspective of the teachings of Jesus Christ,
  • Evoking full and fair discussion of these issues within the local church, and
  • Engaging the congregation in ongoing actions that work for peace.