Pray and Act on behalf of the Korean Hostages

The feeling of helplessness is real, but there is something we can do.

Korean-American pastor Ken Suhr urges prayers for the hostages and the signing of a petition to free the remaining South Korean aid workers who have been taken hostage by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. read more »

by Ken Suhr
on August 06, 2007

Tacoma Church Becomes a Sanctuary to Soldiers

Military Rights Counselors Made Available at Church

The First United Methodist Church Tacoma unanimously passed a resolution creating a sanctuary for service people who are considering their options regarding deployment to Iraq. read more »

by Susan Dobkins
on August 04, 2006

Commentary: Praying for a Different World

Children Trapped in War Should Move Us to Act

My eyes held fast on that photo then my eyes filled with tears. That child could be my grandson. And, then the anger erupted. Why? Why is it that we believe that the only way to peace is through war? Who taught us that? Where are the genuine peacemakers who know how to resolve differences through other ways? Where is the prophetic voice of the church? read more »

by Linda Bales
on July 24, 2006