‘Christian Responses to Climate Change’

Presentation offers basic facts, addresses controversy and consensus

Founder of Earth Justice Ministries seeks to link personal spirituality with social and environmental concerns. read more »

August 05, 2013

Creation Justice Ministries

National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program to branch off on own

Ministry focus remains working through education, training and public witness to protect God’s people and planet. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on July 18, 2013

UMW commends Obama on climate plan

Praises large-scale changes proposed, but concerns remain

Need to transform economy, energy needs and sources, and relationship with natural world. read more »

July 18, 2013

No to nuclear power

Fukushima interfaith gathering pledges to restore creation ‘as fully as possible’

Participants also urge Japanese government, the Tokyo Electric Power and Fukushima Prefectural Government to acknowledge responsibilities for nuclear accident at Daiichi power plant, which has been crippled since March 11, 2011, by the earthquake and tsunami. read more »

by Hisashi Yukimoto
on December 13, 2012

Word from Winkler — Hogwash

Incredibly, people continually insist on espousing myths as if they were steeped in reality — no matter how improbable. read more »

by Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society
on September 04, 2012


Sustainability is at the heart of economic and environmental justice. What is enough? How are our lifestyles affecting the rest of God's creation? Can we live our lives so that generations to come will also share in God's created abundance? Is it not enough for you to feed... Read More

7 Weeks of Water

Campaign during Lent focuses on ‘economy of water’

Ecumenical Water Network hopes to inspire churches to pray, reflect and act together for local and global water justice. read more »

February 22, 2012

Caring for God’s Creation

Steering committee to be formed

14 annual conferences represented in discussion about expanding Virginia ministry to denomination-wide. read more »

February 13, 2012

Festival of God’s Creation/Earth Day

‘Where 2 or More are Gathered: Eco-Justice as Community’

This year overlap of Easter Sunday, Earth Day and anniversary of Deepwater Horizon oil spill offer unique dimension to resurrection worship. read more »

by Samuel Ahn
on April 13, 2011

Retreat for Creation’s Caretakers

April 30, Richmond, Va.

Experience to deepen understanding of relationships with God, each other and creation. read more »

April 05, 2011

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