Annual Conferences take on social issues

Bishops issue rulings on contested resolutions

Hot-button topics included homosexuality, gun violence, divestment and immigration reform. read more »

by Kathy Gilbert
on August 12, 2013

Burton to direct Women’s & Children’s Advocacy

Directed U.M. Seminar Program for 12 years

Will lead Louise & Hugh Moore Population Project that works around the globe for just policies. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on July 11, 2013

British Methodists to study marriage

Methodist Conference evaluation acknowledges changes in society

Working group to consider implications of any change due to same-sex couples legislation. read more »

July 11, 2013

Supreme Court rules on same-sex cases

Rulings do not change UMC definition of marriage

U.S. highest court overturns Defense of Marriage Act, denies California's Prop 8 ‘standing.’ read more »

by Heather Hahn
on July 01, 2013

A radical learning experience

A reflection on human sexuality seminar

U.M. Seminars presents eye-opening information through creative learning venues. read more »

by Chandler Grace Terry
on July 01, 2013

Outside boundaries or inside them?

UMC treatment of part of Christ’s body causes concern

Woman called to be ordained United Methodist wonders how she can do so when denomination does not affirm friends’ call. read more »

by Elizabeth Murray
on July 01, 2013

Boy Scouts modify gay ban

Youths yes; scout leaders no

Resolution: ‘No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.’ read more »

by Heather Hahn
on May 28, 2013

Is The Body Poisoned?

Yesterday, as we do every Wednesday, residents of the Methodist Building gathered to worship in the Simpson Chapel. Having celebrated communion, we had remaining consecrated elements with which we could extend Christ’s table. Across the street, the Supreme Court was hearing arguments on DOMA, the Defense of Marriage... read more »

Posted by Amee Paparella on March 28, 2013

Church says no I do’s until all can marry

Vows no weddings until UMC lifts ban on same-sex unions

18-member leadership council asks its pastors to refrain from signing marriage licenses until the North Carolina recognizes same-gender marriage. read more »

by Heather Hahn
on March 21, 2013

Reconciling Ministries names new executive director

Former United Methodist clergyperson

Matt Berryman follows 9-year tenure of Troy Plummer, 4-month transition period with Randall Miller. read more »

March 12, 2013

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