We are better than this!

Casino gambling, payday lending on Ohio ballot

Faith community joins forces to speak out against ‘reprehensible harm’ to state and its people. read more »

by Bishop Bruce Ough, West Ohio Conference
on October 13, 2008

On hunger ministries

‘It’s horrendous that we pay so little attention to our senior citizens.’

read more »

by —Gail Buettgenvach (West Michigan)
on August 29, 2008

Church leaders call for fair treatment of relief workers

Iowa trying to avoid post-Katrina injustices

Concern about safety, working conditions and basic rights has compelled call for just treatment of day laborers assisting in cleanup of flood-ravaged Iowa. read more »

July 11, 2008

Set them free

Slavery doesn’t always require chains

Our acceptance of slave-like labor perpetuat the obscene situation. read more »

by Neal Christie, General Board of Church & Society
on June 27, 2008

United Methodists declare victory for farm workers

Burger King to pay more for tomatoes in Florida

Agreement will increase wages and protection for those subjected to abuse from growers. read more »

June 20, 2008

Congressional leaders launch trade reform act

Citizen demand fuels ‘groundbreaking legislation’

More than 20 labor, environment, family farm and faith groups support legislation. read more »

June 13, 2008

Victory! A Raise for Low-Wage Workers

Top Legislative Priority Signed Into Law

An increase to the minimum wage cleared the final legislative hurdle and was signed into law at the end of May 2007 - marking a victory for low wage workers and passage of one of GBCS's top legislative priorities. read more »

by John S. Hill
on June 18, 2007

Word From Winkler — Faithful advocacy makes a difference

As the United States Congress takes its summer recess, we celebrate that the advocacy efforts of United Methodists have resulted in a couple of big victories recently. Find out how you can join brothers and sisters in Christ to make a difference in the world. read more »

by Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society
on July 25, 2006

Join the Let Justice Roll Campaign to Mount Support for a Living Wage

Last week, a gathering of U.S. religious leaders launched a national grassroots campaign to raise the federal minimum wage. read more »

by John Hill
on November 10, 2005

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