U.S. Attorney General targets mass incarceration

Social-justice agency praises Holder’s vow to address racial disparities

U.S. system's ineffectiveness, unsustainability, tremendous cost cited as reasons to change. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on August 19, 2013

Social-justice agency praises Attorney General criticism of mass incarceration

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The General Board of Church & Society (GBCS) of The United Methodist Church applauds U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s promise at the annual meeting this week of the American Bar Assn. in San Francisco to address racial disparities in the federal justice system. ... read more»

August 13, 2013

Congress August recess begins

Opportunity to discuss issues at home

Poverty, maternal health, food assistance, God’s creation, health care, immigration, gun violence and criminal-justice reform timely topics of concern. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on August 05, 2013

Powerful resource on mass incarceration

‘Redemption of the Prosecutor’

Film tells story of Tennessee assistant state attorney general whose faith caused him to question youth’s life sentence. read more »

by Bill Mefford
on August 05, 2013

The Truth Behind Detention Centers

During my trip to the border, I spent one afternoon viewing an Operation Streamline court hearing. This program was started in 2005 by the Bish Administration to process migrants crossing the boarder illegally through the criminal justice system. The National Immigration Forum describes the program as follows: Operation Streamline forces undocumented... read more »

Posted by Elizabeth Murray on July 24, 2013

Condemn prolonged solitary confinement

Open letter to California governor supports prisoners’ hunger strike

800 clergy, religious leaders sign letter, more signatures accepted through Aug. 1. read more »

July 18, 2013

Word from Winkler — A truly tragic cycle

'In Place of Justice' offers Illuminating insight into realities of vast archipelago of U.S. prison-industrial complex. read more »

by Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society
on July 11, 2013

Turning criminal injustice into restorative justice

Statewide conferences focused on transforming public policy

Statewide commissions speaking out about prison privatization, mass incarceration, deadly consequences. read more »

June 14, 2013

Building relationships for justice

Transformational ministries affect everyone

New York Conference training, ‘Building Relationships for Mission & Advocacy,’ focuses on community building. read more »

by the Rev. Paul Fleck
on May 28, 2013

2013 Human Relations Day Grants

Nearly $24,000 split among 3 ministries

United Methodist Special Sunday strengthens outreach to communities, encouraging social justice and work with at-risk youths. read more »

by Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
on March 21, 2013

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